One thing that I never learned at university is how helpful a well-configured IDE is for daily productivity. With the right settings and mindset, you’ll see that you can really smoothen and ease your coding life.

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First, let’s first align on what an IDE is:

An IDE, or Integrated Development Environment, is a configurable application that increases a developer’s productivity by combining common tools into a single GUI.

Even if I wrote this article after many years using a JetBrains IDE, most of the keyboard shortcuts I’ll mention can be found in simpler editors and other IDEs, such as Visual…

At StuDocu, being data-driven is part of our mindset, and we do not leave changes to chance. To offer our users the best experience, we would rather dive deep into the data and make conscious decisions. A/B testing, which has been part of the company culture since our very early days, comes in really handy.

Conceptually, A/B testing is a method to compare two or more variants of something, for instance an email or an element on a website or an app, and decide which is the most performant.

Supported upstream by user research, A/B testing helps corroborate or invalidate…

In September 2018, I spent ten days in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. At that time, the country celebrated its 60th anniversary and made it ideal to experience one of the most enigmatic places in the world.

The trip from Beijing to Pyongyang is a twenty-four hour journey through the Chinese and the Korean countrysides. A first train brought us to Dandong, China, where we had to clear the customs. Another one brought us across the river, in Sinuiju, North Korea, where we made our first steps in the country we were aiming for.

Train station, Sinuiju

We would soon notice portraits…

Until 2017, we, at StuDocu, were using CoffeeScript to write our front-end. Two main factors made us go away from this language:

  • the new JavaScript standard called ECMAScript 6 (ES6)
  • the necessity of drastically expanding the team from five to nine developers

CoffeeScript became both useless because of the new features ES6 would give us, and a thorn in our side, as developers were more and more likely to use plain JavaScript — and therefore would have to learn a new language before working here. It also appeared that the documentation of React and Redux, libraries we use to write…

Killian Saint cricq

Full-stack developer & Engineering manager @ StuDocu, deeply involved in feature thinking and product management.

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